United in Uniqueness

United in Uniqueness

So there I was, sitting at CiCi’s pizza with my kids (awesome diet decisions FTW!) when I see this wall that reads, “United in Uniqueness.”

It got me thinking about a recent theme in my life about personal biases, and how painfully divided our country is. We’ve lost the ability to simply have a difference of opinions and still feel united in love for our common man. Every conversation political, religious, life-style, or otherwise in America today seems to be an emotional eruption (from both “sides”) that is utterly, completely, – did I mention utterly? – and unnecessarily polarizing.

It’s no longer just okay to just disagree.

In America, you either agree or suffer the vicious onslaught of other folks on Social Media or in your immediate peer circle. There are no grey areas – only black and white with very clearly defined lines on every topic imaginable. This of course being irregardless of any objective lack of evidence, substance, or quantitative proof for a conclusion to support either agenda – somehow in our personal biases “we know” the “right” answer to every question/qualm/problem that exists in the world today.

No alternative perspectives needed. We as a human race still can’t figure out with certainty how the Pyramid of Giza was built, but we “know” for sure the correct answer on a topic that is keeping huge segments of the human race separated and at odds with each other. Isn’t it at least a little possible that maybe our perspective could use… someone else’s perspective to become more well-rounded?

My heart breaks knowing how much I’ve participated in these polarizing conversations in the past – I was so foolish to assume that there are so many black-and-white topics in life. How isolated, separated, and unloved have I unintentionally made others feel while on the conquest and righteous cause of trying to convince people of a “better way”?

Frankly – it’s just too easy to have an opinion on the internet. There are no real checks and balances. All ideas are equal. If what we say is isolating and hurtful, there are no real consequences.

Unfortunately, I think this is largely leading to an America where we are increasingly more and more against our brothers and sisters. Mark Zuckerberg claims Facebook’s mission is to create a more “open and connected World” – I’m fearful that what’s happening instead is quite the opposite: we’re building a more closed and disconnected World, from each other.

So this is a call. A charge even:

If you’re republican, democrat, independent, or non-dependent. If you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans-gender, or asexual. If you’re Christian, Jew, Muslim, Catholic, New-Age, or atheist. If you’re black, white, brown, or purple.

Please. Please. Pleeaaaasseee – TRY to put down your biases. Try to put away your judgements. And please, reach across the aisle and learn to love those that are different from you. We CAN be united in our uniqueness if we learn to love others as humans first, and decide to stop making polarizing judgements against people instead of seeking first to find ways to love those people.

I’m not saying we have to agree with each other.

I’m not saying that our perspectives have to be the same.

What I AM saying though is that until we learn to love one another even though we disagree on big topics, do so amicably, have civil discussions rooted in respect/love for our common man we are all only contributing to a more hate-filled society/world regardless of what side of the coin you land on.

I invite you to join me on my own personal journey – to lay down biases, and learn to genuinely love others for their differences.

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