Success is not hassle averse

Success is not hassle averse

Chipotle or In-N-Out Burger?

In-N-Out had a huge line while Chipotle had virtually no one in it. I enjoy both, but we don’t have In-N-Outs back home. We don’t have In-N-Outs within a 4 our flight of home actually, so I had a decision to make.

Was I going to go through the hassle of standing in line and fighting the crowds to get an indulgence I can’t get at home or go with something that will be painlessly easy that I can get within a 10 minute drive from my house back home?

I went with the hassle.

While we could definitely make the argument that greasy (delicious!), tasty, tasty meat and fries is definitely not being successful diet wise, when we think about success on the whole, there is definitely a lesson here that’s worth a brief pause.

Success does not avoid hassle. Success embraces it.

Every day when I’m in the office, there are opportunities that constantly present themselves to me to stop what I’m doing and invest in our staff, or provide that extra level of customer service that’s special, or write a customer an email just to touch base and see how things are going, etc. and so on.

Of course it’s easy in the moment of stress or being tired or busy to write off the hassle – to make the erroneous conclusion that if we don’t go through the hassle our business will be fine – success will still be waiting for us.

Unfortunately – the truth is very much different. Sure on the micro-scale, a couple of missed moments here and there likely won’t tank the ship, but a stature of avoiding hassle will result in a long history of missed opportunities that required some hassle along the way that I believe will most definitely add up to a sum of failure that you can’t undo.

This doesn’t apply to just business – this applies to every area of life: Family, Health, Spirituality, Financial Success, you name it.

If you live your life trying to avoid the hassle and pick the path of least resistance constantly, you will inevitably find yourself looking back at a history that collaboratively paints a grand picture of failure.

Leaders embrace hassle because they see the reward that comes from embracing the challenges of the moment. It’s not ideal and it’s never natural – it’s always a choice – the best things in life are never free and they always cost you something. But, you almost always get something better in return than you would have otherwise.

Tonight my reward is tasty, tasty In-N-Out burgers. What will your reward be?

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